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Risk Management

We have access to many highly-rated insurance carriers who offer a wide range of product solutions as well as the support of a team of insurance specialists with deep knowledge of the underwriting process.  We can implement any or all recommendations if you wish.

Areas we can help you with:

Business succession and key person planning

 - Buy-sell funding

 - Key person life and disability

Executive and business planning

 - Corporate owned life insurance

 - Comprehensive financial planning (including risk management)

Ancillary or supplemental group benefits

 - Disability insurance

 - Voluntary life insurance

 - Auto and home insurance

 - Long-term Care

To help us get you the best coverage for you, we follow a Five-Step Risk Management process:

1. Analyze Specific Needs

  • Income Replacement
  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Legacy Creation

2. Identify Appropriate Types of Insurance Coverage

  • Life
  • Disability Insurance
  • Home and Auto
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Long-Term Care

3. Select Specific Product Solutions

  • Wide Range of Carriers
  • Combination of Policies/Riders
  • Special Situations

4. Implement Recommendations

  • Underwriting Expertise
  • Policy Placement Experience

5. Annual Review of Current Policies

  • Change in Circumstances
  • Change in Needs
  • New Product Solutions

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