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We can manage your investments, both in qualified and non-qualified accounts, factoring in your long-term goals, return expectations, and appetite for risk.  We offer professionally managed asset allocation and investment strategies utilizing industry leading money managers.  You will have access to weekly market commentary and periodic performance reviews as well as portfolio rebalancing when appropriate

We follow four basic steps when building and managing your portfolio:

1 – Determining the appropriate asset allocation for you

We consider how much time you have to grow your assets, how much capital you have to invest, and your future income needs along with your personality and risk tolerance.

2 – Choosing the assets and securities to fulfill your asset allocation strategy

Our “open architecture” approach enables us to offer you a wide variety of investment alternatives, including: stocks and bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, separately manage accounts, and annuities.

3 – Reassessing portfolio weighting

We periodically review your portfolio to assess the impact the market may have had on your initial asset allocation strategy. We also consider any changes to your financial situation, future needs, and risk tolerance.

4 – Strategic Reallocation

We make the necessary changes to your portfolio and factor in tax implications of readjusting your portfolio before acting.

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