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Corporate Education

In addition to the advisory services we offer individuals and families, our team offers small businesses, large corporations, nonprofit organizations a comprehensive menu of education solutions designed to add meaningful value to your employee benefits program.  We combine on-site learning sessions, web-based instruction, and one-on-one financial consulting.  These programs are offered at no cost to you or your employees.

Each program we offer is informative and engaging.  Our modules are targeted toward life stages and our executive programs designed to confer more sophisticated topics.  We also tailor a program to meet a specific corporate need like providing knowledge and guidance to existing employees, transitioning employees, and or new employees.

The goals are to help your employees better manage their day-to-day finances, utilize the benefits your company provides more effectively, protect themselves and their loves ones from key risks, and position themselves to retire comfortably.

Financial Education:

We partner with companies to provide objective financial and retirement education to their employees. The goal of these programs is to help your employees make informed decisions with confidence and enable them to better utilize the benefit programs you provide.

Complimentary Consultation:

A one-on-one consultation will give an employee the chance to review where they are financially in the contest of their short-term needs and long-term goals. We will also review the benefit choices you offer to help them select those that best meet their needs. We are happy to help them implement any of the recommendations we provide, or they can act on them with their current advisory team.

Beyond Consultation:

After the complimentary consultation, an employee may decide that they would like to work with us to develop their personal financial plan. An employee can also work with us to implement specific risk management solutions and/or manage their investments.

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